Who We Are

The Heritage Company is a division of Good Will Publishers, Inc. Good Will was founded in 1938 as a distributor and eventually a publisher of Bibles and religious books. For more than 40 years the Heritage Company has offered business leaders and professionals in communities all across the United States a unique and dignified public relations program.

This program offers local businesses and professionals the opportunity to reach out to families grieving the loss of a loved one. On behalf of select sponsors, the Heritage Company provides bereaved families a beautiful keepsake volume which acknowledges their loss and offers comfort, consolation and hope.

Our sponsors are leaders in their community. They are good people who work for the betterment of others. They are active, caring citizens and they realize that this sponsorship will be meaningful not only to their community but to their business. The Heritage Company allows them to demonstrate their care and concern for their neighbors in a lasting and dignified way. It allows them to tell their fellow citizens that they care about them and their families as individuals and not just as customers, clients or patients.

Millions of families have benefited from our bereavement program. And the thousands of sponsors who have made this good work possible have benefited as well — by being recognized in their communities as individuals of strong values who care for their fellow citizens during the most difficult times in their lives.