What We Do

Community puzzleThe Business We’re In

We offer a unique and dignified public relations program to business leaders and professionals which enhances their image, generates good will and promotes values in the community.

We’re not in the book-selling business

We distribute specially commissioned publications and attendant materials to enhance our clients’ image and good will in their community, as well as to promote sound values. While our program does center around the distribution of our specially designed volumes, it is much more than just selling books.

We’re not in the advertising business

Advertising promotes a specific product. Good public relations enhances and promotes the image of the business itself and/or the individuals behind the business, with the hope of creating good will for both within the community. And that is exactly what our programs do.


Our program benefits the community sponsors by generating good will for them and enhancing their image within their community.

Our program benefits families by providing comfort, consolation and hope at a time of real sorrow and need.

Our program benefits communities because it supports the families of the community and strong families are the future of any community.