Offering Businesses and Professionals a Powerful Way to Demonstrate Care and Concern for their Neighbors and Friends



The death of a loved one is perhaps life’s greatest trauma. Those who experience it never forget the friends and family who stood by their side.
In every community our bereavement programs are sponsored by a select group of business leaders and professionals who wish to show their care and concern. By remembering families at a difficult time, our sponsors demonstrate the integrity and concern which form the core values of their professional and business lives. They offer an expression of sympathy that grieving families will never forget.
The Heritage Company’s unique and dignified public relations program allows businesses and professionals to tell the community who they are and what values they hold. People naturally want to do business with individuals who value and care for them. The Heritage Company allows its sponsors to demonstrate their care and concern in a real and permanent way.

The Heritage Company helps local businesses and professionals stand by their neighbors at this critical time. For more than 40 years we’ve helped local leaders reach out to grieving families with a powerful gesture of support. In communities all across the United States, the Heritage Company offers selected individuals a simple and effective way to acknowledge the loss of bereaved families and extend to them comfort, consolation and hope.